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Western Maryland is kind of a black hole when it comes to music. It is often passed by because of the lack of big cities. Yeah, you are close (Relatively) to Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and D.C. but, thanks to the interstates, it is very easy to pass by. Because of the aforementioned reasons, bands have a hard time getting any exposure. If you want exposure, you have to travel to a city and that trip can, litterlly, break a band.


Well, some bands can and have done it (ex. Trunkweed, Wish List, ext.) and I am pretty sure you can add another band to that list.


All the way out in the small college town of Frostburg, MD is a band that goes by the name of Golf of Mexico. Yes, Golf, like the sport. What a pain it can be searching for them on the internet because of obvious reasons. To their credit though, it is a name that begs you to check them out and you should do that.


GOM is a surf-rocky kinda psychedelic- garage sounds group who makes you feel like you are listening to (big comparison coming, I know) the millennial Beach Boys. These guys are pretty young, not too far removed from High School but, you wouldn’t know that just by listening to them. GOM sounds like they have been honing their craft for like 20 years or something. They are tight and technical. You can’t help but bop and sway around when you listen to them. The guitar playing of Sam DiMartino mixed with the smooth percussion of Ethan Romaine really brings the sound together behind vocalist Will DiNola and bassist John Rossi.


Let me go back to their youth for a second. The first time I saw them was at a standard house show with none-other than Darwin Deez up in Frostburg. As I drove up there, I contemplated picking up my normal house show 6-pack. I decided not to and got to the house and walked in. As I entered, I noticed it was packed and I regretted not getting that beer but, I VERY quickly changed that opinion when I noticed I was the oldest person there by about 8 years. Yikes. Never thought I’d be the old guy at the show.


Anyways, they started and It was perfect. No technical mishaps, no notes missed. Just an all around solid beach-pop show in a living room on the side of a mountain in far Western Maryland.


Golf of Mexico has a legit chance of getting pretty big and I sure hope they do. I wouldn’t mind catching them somewhere in Baltimore/Pittsburgh/D.C. anywhere where I’m not the old man in the room.

*joke falls flat*


Check them out: Golf of Mexico



The Best Song Ever (or one of them I guess, idk)

“Walking on a Dream

How can I explain?

Talking to myself

Will I see again?”

I mean, wow. Just…. wow. Perfect. Empires of the Sun’s “Walking on a dream” might be the best/most perfect song ever created. It has been thrown back into the spotlight thanks to some car commercial that is pretty trippy but, will not be named unless they give me like $40 or something.

Why is it perfect? It encompasses every emotion, every season, life… life. It is life. You cold play this song driving to the beach and it’s a perfect fit. You could play this song while sitting inside during a snow storm and it’s a perfect fit. You could be doing, literally, anything and it’s a perfect fit.

Perfect song ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


Emo progression? Adultism?


Ok, so I’m just gonna type while I think and this post is going to be hard to follow.


I used to be into the whole emo scene, as a teen, in the early 2000’s. The only part I didn’t really participate in was, like, the fashion. I didn’t have the haircut or do the whole makeup thing. I just (attempted) to skateboard, wore sweatbands and grew my hair out.

This could prolly just go under teen angst. I tried to feel bad for myself because I lived in suburbia.

My point. I think (IMO) that the progression for some post-emo peeps, musically, was from that music to screamo, to the hipsterdom phase, to the (where I’m currently at) listen to post-punk / shoe-gaze music because it’s kinda topical/hip/different but you can still put your work clothes on and look like an adult.

ok, I’m done. This is an incredibly poorly written post and I am sry.

This song is kinda what I’m getting at

Stay Emo




Why do bands/artist stop making music? Was the whole “starving artist” becoming too real? Did they have to go back to the bleak, lame “real” world? Maybe they are or were of schooling age and decided to go to college or whatever…

Who knows.

Such is life.

This artist ( Alex, 23 ) of Worries stopped making his music. Well, as far as I can tell. I’m  disappointed. I get it, but like, I have ben digging on the music for a while and all a fan can ask for is new music. But like I said, Life just gets in the way, man.

Worries music is dreampop. You look up the term “Dreampop’ in the dictionary and there sits a pic of Alex of Worries.

Music here.


Real Estate Pink Horses

I want to start this off by apologizing for the lengthy delay between posts. This election has gotten me to start delving head first into other things and trying to do what I can to help with the ongoing fight but, I digress.

Wait, one last thing. Did Sheetz change something with their coffee? I’m drinking some now and its fucking terrible.

Ok, Real Estate.

Love this band, always have. I remember stumbling across them in ’09. I became entranced by their self-titled release from that year and the track “Fake Blues” (not to be confused with “Fake News”) took over my life.

They definitely hit their stride musically with their ’11 and ’14 albums, Days and Atlas. They kept to their beach pop but added a little more… shall I say… jena se qua.

Well, they have a new album coming out in March titled “In Mind” and they have already released the first single “Darling”. They got a little psych It’s great, fantastic, spellbinding and there is a got damn pink horse in the video.

Here’s the Link.



9th Wonder // Life Music

9th Wonder actually makes me happy.

9th wonder has been doing his Socal Music/Life Music thing for a while now. He has won awards with the likes of Mary J. Blige and has worked with, basically, every rapper or rap group there is.

I love his work. It’s always a breath of fresh air. It’s always different and innovative but, always sounds so familiar. It takes you back to the golden age. The Daisy age. Boom Bap. Real Hip-Hop. This shit takes talent and creativity. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of great producers out there but 9th is just on a different level. One of the best.

If you don’t believe me, watch his Rhythm Roulette video.Dude took some weird country album sample and made it into a certified BANGER.


Jade TV // Makes me sad…

Jade TV doesn’t make me sad.


Jade TV is shoegaze/dreampop. Shoegaze/dreampop is Jade TV. They are one. We are one. One people. One race. One collective we on this spaceship we call earth.


Ok, woah, off track. Jade TV is cool. Definitely, a mellow band that you listen to when its raining or you just want to mellow out and fade into the beautiful backdrop that James Allen (formally of Self and Youth Camp) is creating. When he does bring his vocals into the song they kind of just, float there. Floating in the rich Jade sea that is the world around you. I would rope them into the DIIV category of music, but Jade TV has no category. 10/10.

Go to the Goose tree Soundcloud and their Bandcamp to hear their music.



I’ve said it once and I’ve said it 100 times. Trunkweed is my favorite band. I have been patiently/impatiently waiting for their new album to be released for what seems like 10 years and its out, what a nice surprise.

Your Are A Nice Surprise was released on December 16, 2016 off of Out of Breath Record based in California. I think this album is pretty close to perfect. I mean, no album is perfect in my eyes. Actually, let me take that statement back, L.A. Woman – The Doors is perfect… but I digress.

The stand outs on Your Are A Nice Surprise to me are “Windows 95”, “Dark Daze” and “Cult Nug”. Trunkweed has, somewhat, gone away from the clean, mellow, dreamy bedroom pop of their Days of Haze realese and have gone louder and more garagey? I think that’s a word. Definitely a Cloud Nothings/Wavves vibes. Much dig.

I dig it, I like progression. Trunkweed is sounding better and better with every release and their popularity has spanned the US and Canada. Go to Trunkweeds Bandcamp to hear the album and buy it. GO BUY THEIR MUSIC!.


“Here To Fade” // New Tape Waves

I must have been living under a rock all summer because Tape Waves snuck a new album out from under my nose and it’s fantastic.

Ok, quick back story. I don’t really remember how I stumbled across Tape Waves. I wish I could tell you this cool story about how I saw them in a weird DIY show in a Royal Farms parking lot or something, but I can’t (prolly just found them online being an internet recluse). But the guitars, the sound that Jarod produces from his guitar affects me the same way as Johnny Marr’s. Yes, that’s a BIG comparison, but I’m just saying.

“Here To Fade” is their newest project that was released off of Bleeding Gold Records on July 29th, 2016. The stand-out song to me are “So Fast” and “Nowhere”.

Both “So Fast” and “Nowhere” are very drum driven and jangly. That’s what think draws me to Tape Waves. You immediately get thrown to that one beach trip, one summer day where everything seemed carefree and shiney, even though there is some pretty deep stuff being talked about in some of the tracks.

Well, head over to the SoundCloud to hear Tape Waves new stuff and a few of my favorites from past projects.

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