In honor of their last ever performance, here is the first ever review I did for them a couple years back.

“It might be below freezing here in Maryland but there are some tropical vibes coming from the underground. Wish List is a lo-fi / surf pop / punk band coming out of Maryland and Pennsylvania. The members of this ensemble are… Sean Hallock who plays the drums and is on vocals, Derrick Brandon who plays the guitar, and Jeff Sheasley who is on the bass.

After listing to all of their tracks on  I could hear some kind of mix between the band Bass Drum of Death and the band Surgeons In Heat, which I thought was a weird mix but they made it sound brilliant. In their songs they have a perfect mixture of high-speed punk coupled with a nice slower tempo where you can really hear the skill of the guys playing their respective instruments. I feel like I could either be in a backyard listening to Wish List or in a hot club jumping around like a crazy person.

All in all I think this band is great. I really hope these guys take off in the very near future and I can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.”