So it seems like its been a while since the collective “we” have heard any power punk / garage rock coming out of Philadelphia, PA. Well, if you have been in search of just that, then you are reading the right blurb.

SHEER MAG are a 5 piece power punk / garage band out of the City of Brotherly Love. The album pictured above is their second EP and, to be honest they sound pretty pissed off. It kind of feels like when you take a lot of adderall and someone looks at you the wrong way and you go way off handle…. but you aren’t, like, really mad but just want to break shit. So, if you haven’t listened to SHEER MAG yet and are basing their sound off of what you are reading here  you may think that their sound is super heavy… well you are wrong. SHEER MAG II is very melodic and somewhat poppy but lead guitarist Kyle Seely brings this dope mix of 80’s glam riff rock with the no restrictions, driving forward momentum of your “classic” punk bands. I mean I can totally picture in my minds eye driving through LA or New York in the 60’s or 70’s and hearing a guitar part of his totally shredding.

Seely’s guitar is phenomenal but what really gives the band their wide diversity of sound is front woman Christina Halladay. Talk about a voice that will thrown you on your ass, possibly beat you up then pick you back up and be down to grab a coffee or Jamba. Her voice is so…so gritty and soulful… i mean, like, you can hear in her harmonies that she definitely digg’s  and studies the blues and soul greats. But she brings this intensity and aggression that is unique. The only other person I can think of that sounds any thing like her would be Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes.

Needless to say, this is a must listen to album. If you like some super riffy, power punk / garage music, you’ll dig this. The song that completely embodies what I am trying to describe to you is Hard lovinActually, I prolly could have just put the link up instead of this article and you could have came to the same conclusions that I did….. but I didn’t and you’ve read all of this… so here’s the song.

One last thing….. remember the man is usually always trying to bring you down so help fend him off with SHEER MAG because they hate the man too.