Sometimes music is better stripped down. For example, Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged session or Pearl Jams slightly louder Unplugged session. Well, this song is kind of in the same ball park……I mean, obviously it’s not like Nirvana or PJ but it’s pretty dope in it own right.

Well the song is “I Can Go” by White Arrows. I would post the fully produced version but this one is way better and you can tell that immediately, with or without hearing the official track. The decision to not use a full drum set in this was a critical one. Dropping that and add the backdrop of the backyard pool and desert definitely makes you feel like you are at a rad house party that a friend of a friend told you about.

Whit Arrows are from LA and they are a psych/lo-fi band that, to me, sounds like the Beach Boys if they took more drugs then they normally took. Mix the Peyote beach vibes with Mickey Church’s kind of haunting vocals and you come out, somehow, with a relaxing “Hey! lets go to the beach!” tune.

All in all I think this record is really good and they should switch the album version of this song for this one.

[Vid is from Baeble Desert Sessions way back in 2013]