Good Graphics EP cover art

A handful of years ago I went to a pretty gnarly basement rock and roll show in my hometown. When I say it was gnarly I mean it in a good way. The space was about 10 feet wide by about 40 feet long. It was carpeted, which is always a plus, had a nice book shelf with a good amount of random books on it if you are into the whole reading thing at a show, and a couple of light by the band. Add all of those different elements together and you find yourself in a really cool place to watch some bands play.

When the show was over I left a little drunk but most importantly super jazzed on the bands that played. So when I got back to my house I decided to do some bandcamp research. While going through the bands that played I landed on this band Rozwell Kid. This was prolly back in, like, 2013? I don’t remember but from that point on I was hooked.

So now lets get off the nostalgia trip and start talking music. Ok, Rozwell Kid is the child of ,West Virginian, Jordan Hudkins and formed in 2011. If you like mellow, quiet, play while you are going to bed music, then this isn’t for you….. or maybe it is…. but Rozwell kid is a power/noise/slacker rock band that mixes 90’s garage rock with super in-your-face riffs along with songs that you could sing along to in a club or anywhere you are listing to their music. Prolly not at Library tho (Do people still go to the Library?).

In the five years that they have been around they have three solo albums and three split albums that you can stream here on their bandcamp page. The album that really caught my attention was their 2014 release “Too Shabby” released off of Broken World Media (Pittsburgh, PA). This album is supper riffy and has all of the normal Rozwell Kid traits but some of the songs seem a little more poppy in their choruses, which I dug heavily. The lead track “Kangaroo Pocket” is the track I advise you to check out first, if you are a first time listener, due to the fact that it exemplifies their sound perfectly.

Lastly, I got to see them (finally) live back in October of 2015 at a cool space in Chambersburg, PA. It was a little bit of a somber occasion because it was the last show for on of my favorite bands “Wish List” but I got to see how fast and loud Rozwell Kid was in person as well as how tight they sounded live…. and it was super tight… like tight tight.

I expect pretty big things from this band and hopefully they come back around these parts sooner rather than later… or I can fly to see them in Belgium or drive to their show in Williamsburg or something.

Here is their most recent EP Good Graphics: