I’ve have always been a fan of anything that has a weird name. For example I think Avocados, Ladles, Platypi etc are pretty cool because of their names. This way of thinking also works fairly consistently when it comes to bands.

The other day when I was aimlessly clicking through the world we call the internet I stumbled upon a video (the vid at the bottom) that in the title said Cleaners From Venus. I went with my proven method of finding music and clicked on this weird title and the song just so happened to be really really good.

Cleaners From Venus are a English jangle band that started up in 1979. From 1980 – ’83 lead singer Martin Newell and Lawrence “Lol” Elliot were the everyday members. By the end of ’83 Cleaners From Venus now had a floating line-up. The only constant member being Newell.

The Cleaners From Venus, as of now, have 13 albums with their most recent being “Return to Bohemia” released, in 2014, on Soft Bodies.

Check em out… I really dig them. I would say that they are as good as the Smiths but, lets be honest, No one can be as good as the Smiths.