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I think people are over with “wack” rappers. Now don’t get me wrong. I listen to Lil Uzi, Lil Yatchy and the bunch but I really think people are getting tired of it. I mean, it’s all the same (insert clip of Snoop making fun of Migos). They all rap about the same topics, have the same flow and don’t get me started on the freestyling… that will be its own post.

Like I said, I listen to these cats. They make perfect party music or just music to have on in the background (major shout out if you play that to just kick it, that’s dope)  when you are trying to get into that, like, “lit” mode. But you aren’t listening to these “artists” or “rockstars” in the word of Lil Uzi for their lyrical talents, you are listening to the beats that make the track what it is. The beats these dudes are putting out are stupid. These producers are going crazy on ’em

This brings me to the point of this post. There seems to be a beat renaissance in the making. Or it has always been there, it’s just been so deep underground that it’s finally starting to rear its beautiful face. People are only listening to the songs like “Money Longer” and “Broccoli” because the beats slap.

In the 90’s, it was a give and take between a great MC and a great Producer which made the tracks all around perfect. Now its beats only with a guy over saying nonsense.

Whatever, I’m done. Moral of this rambling post is that people want to hear artists make music that stands alone. The producers need the spotlight on them. When you do that, in my opinion, you will get better MCs that can rap over them (like Joey Bada$$, Vince Staples, Vic Mensa, Mac Miller, etc.) and then hip-hop will be back to where it was.

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