Oh, how I love mass media.

Ok, so most bands/artist etc. will never be played on tv, radio, or whatever because either they aren’t popular enough or they don’t want to. Those people say this because they say it ruins the music discovery process. Well…. i can understand that, but it all comes down to the fact that some bands are good enough to be suuuper popular and it’s a shame that no one will ever hear them.

I am on this wave because a week or so ago, i was watching a little tv. Whilst watching tv, a commercial popped up. I don’t remember what it was about, but I instantly recognized the music playing and the band members in it.

I sat there with a wry smile and said, “ok, that’s what’s up White Arrows”.

So, now that White Arrows sold out and took the money, their popularity and name recognition and youtube hits have increased ten fold and I’m pretty ok with that.

ps: Here the link to my previous article about White Arrows because I’m way hipper than you are… jk