I must have been living under a rock all summer because Tape Waves snuck a new album out from under my nose and it’s fantastic.

Ok, quick back story. I don’t really remember how I stumbled across Tape Waves. I wish I could tell you this cool story about how I saw them in a weird DIY show in a Royal Farms parking lot or something, but I can’t (prolly just found them online being an internet recluse). But the guitars, the sound that Jarod produces from his guitar affects me the same way as Johnny Marr’s. Yes, that’s a BIG comparison, but I’m just saying.

“Here To Fade” is their newest project that was released off of Bleeding Gold Records on July 29th, 2016. The stand-out song to me are “So Fast” and “Nowhere”.

Both “So Fast” and “Nowhere” are very drum driven and jangly. That’s what think draws me to Tape Waves. You immediately get thrown to that one beach trip, one summer day where everything seemed carefree and shiney, even though there is some pretty deep stuff being talked about in some of the tracks.

Well, head over to the SoundCloud to hear Tape Waves new stuff and a few of my favorites from past projects.