I want to start this off by apologizing for the lengthy delay between posts. This election has gotten me to start delving head first into other things and trying to do what I can to help with the ongoing fight but, I digress.

Wait, one last thing. Did Sheetz change something with their coffee? I’m drinking some now and its fucking terrible.

Ok, Real Estate.

Love this band, always have. I remember stumbling across them in ’09. I became entranced by their self-titled release from that year and the track “Fake Blues” (not to be confused with “Fake News”) took over my life.

They definitely hit their stride musically with their ’11 and ’14 albums, Days and Atlas. They kept to their beach pop but added a little more… shall I say… jena se qua.

Well, they have a new album coming out in March titled “In Mind” and they have already released the first single “Darling”. They got a little psych It’s great, fantastic, spellbinding and there is a got damn pink horse in the video.

Here’s the Link.