Ok, so I’m just gonna type while I think and this post is going to be hard to follow.


I used to be into the whole emo scene, as a teen, in the early 2000’s. The only part I didn’t really participate in was, like, the fashion. I didn’t have the haircut or do the whole makeup thing. I just (attempted) to skateboard, wore sweatbands and grew my hair out.

This could prolly just go under teen angst. I tried to feel bad for myself because I lived in suburbia.

My point. I think (IMO) that the progression for some post-emo peeps, musically, was from that music to screamo, to the hipsterdom phase, to the (where I’m currently at) listen to post-punk / shoe-gaze music because it’s kinda topical/hip/different but you can still put your work clothes on and look like an adult.

ok, I’m done. This is an incredibly poorly written post and I am sry.

This song is kinda what I’m getting at

Stay Emo